How long is the relicensing process for a hydro project?  

The timeline for the relicensing process is 5 to 5.5 years.  The final application must be filed two years before the current license expires.


When will the licenses for these projects expire?  

The licenses expire on September 30, 2026.


What is a study plan as it pertains to the relicensing process?  

A study plan is a document that (1) describes the goals and objectives of each study proposed; (2) addresses resource management objectives; (3) describes existing information; (4) explains the nexus between project operations and effects for the resource to be studied; and (5) describes the proposed study methodology, level of effort, and cost.  In general, once the study plans are approved by the FERC, the studies are conducted and the progress and the results of the studies are provided in progress and study reports respectively.


What is the Project Boundary and how is it defined?  

The project boundary includes lands and waters needed for project purposes.  FERC determines which lands and waters will be needed for an applicant or licensee to construct and operate its project and to carry out other project purposes, such as recreation or wildlife protection.  Typically, project features such as the dam, reservoir, powerhouse, tailrace, conduits and penstocks, access roads, primary transmission lines are included within project boundaries.


How can I learn more information about the relicensing process?

FERC.gov offers comprehensive resources for stakeholders.  FERC also offers an educational guide on the relicensing process.